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Appeal for Donations

The Dublin Review of Books, edited and published by Maurice Earls and Enda O’Doherty, was established in March 2007. Our ambition then and now has been to make a contribution to Irish society in intellectual areas we believe to be of central importance.  We have established a growing domestic and international audience, achieving 4,000 pageviews a month in our first year and 27,000 last year. We are on the verge of reaching one million page views.

Readership is important but maintaining high standards has always been our primary objective. In all fields we seek to publish analysis and argument that is sharply written and accessible and which contributes to maintaining Dublin and Ireland’s reputation as a place from which art and ideas emanate. Access to each issue is free, but there are costs involved. To date the bulk of these costs have been absorbed by the editors. In order to continue to improve content in the drb, secure its future and allow it to reach its potential in Ireland and beyond, an income is necessary.

We are therefore asking our readers for any financial assistance, big or small, they might be able to give to help our efforts.