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    ‘A Full Life, A Good End’

    Liam Hennessy
    Whatever about questions of mandate or democratic legitimacy, the bravery of the insurgents who fought in 1916, and of those who were executed for their role as leaders of the Rising, is beyond dispute.

    They fly so high ... They fade and die

    Michael O'Sullivan
    As we try to recover from the bubble and bust we might ask whether we as a nation take more risks than others, or to what extent gambling is an entrenched characteristic of the Irish.

    As Fresh as a Cliché

    Paula McGrath

    We strive for originality, but perhaps old phrases should, like Mae West’s discarded lovers, be given a new chance with someone else.

    Strong Hand, Beloved Leader

    Maurice Earls

    A hoard of letters written by Germans to Hitler show a people keen to abdicate their responsibility and infantilise themselves, but they do not indicate any great enthusiasm for either Nazi ideology or territorial aggression.


    Labour Waits

    Padraig Yeates

    Irish socialism was divided and weak in the early decades of the twentieth century, while the axis of trade union solidarity ran through Dublin and Merseyside, not Dublin, Belfast and Cork.

    Celebrating Uncertainty

    Patrick Lonergan
    What emerges clearly is a sense of Friel’s international importance. A chapter comparing him to Osborne and Storey liberates his plays from some of the confines that Irish scholarship restricts him to, showing clearly the universal significance of his work.

    Just Make Do

    Tom Inglis
    With the slow death of God and religion, and the unsatisfactory nature of philosophy or what postmodernists call grand narratives, the beauty and pleasure of everyday life may be the only thing people can hold onto.


    Nicola Gordon Bowe
    A collection of essays pays timely tribute to one of the greatest scholars that Ireland has ever produced.


    Maurice Earls

    When you lose in politics there is a tendency for others ‑ particularly the young ‑ to question, if not denounce, your tactics. Notwithstanding the impressive list of achievements and concessions won by O’Connell over thirty-odd years, his ending was an example of the dictum that all political careers end in failure.


    Mary Russell

    Concord between various ethnic groups in Syria appeared evident until acts of obscene violence began to be carried out by both the regime and anti-regime forces. But few people in the future will want to live alongside those they suspect of destroying their homes and families.