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    Iran and Realpolitik

    In the West people generally think of the Islamic world as very ideological, and indeed it is, but the world is complex and realpolitik plays a dominant role in the Muslim sphere just as it does everywhere else.

    Syria, Goodbye to Diversity

    Authoritarian but relatively secularist regimes in the Middle East have often been protectors of diversity. If they are destroyed, where will the region's minorities go?

    Rich Folks’ Politics

    As Wasps and similar types decline as a percentage of the US population, things don’t look great for the Republican party. But its creation of safe seats through gerrymandering has facilitated a takeover by extremists, against whom the traditional ‘country club’ moderates seem to be helpless.


    Pádraig Murphy
    Germany and Russia have had a relationship over the centuries that has more often been businesslike than hostile. The business being conducted, however, and the deals that have been struck, have seldom much benefited the countries in between.

    Keeping It Together

    Matthew Kelly
    Belgium was saved from disintegration in the immediate postwar period by the pragmatism and farsightedness of its centrist political parties and their leaders. Do its politicians still retain those qualities?

    Inventing the Working Class

    Marc Mulholland
    It is unfortunate that the academy dismisses the bulk of those who learned their politics from Marx, from Karl Kautsky to Léon Blum, preferring endless dalliance instead with shades of Leninism.

    Understanding the Serbs

    Peter Brooke

    David Ralph’s recent essay on the war in Bosnia merely added to the mountain of incomprehension that British journalists raised about the region’s war.


    John Swift

    Developed Western states have a multitude of interests in Africa and the Middle East and balancing human rights concerns with other economic, ecological and political interests will never be easy.


    Mary Russell

    Concord between various ethnic groups in Syria appeared evident until acts of obscene violence began to be carried out by both the regime and anti-regime forces. But few people in the future will want to live alongside those they suspect of destroying their homes and families.


    Brendan O'Leary
    The Republicans are an alliance of the super-rich and degree-less whites, topped with an upper crust of hypercapitalists, a misalliance cemented by pan-Protestant evangelism.