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    Tom French

    Tom French’s third collection of poetry confronts and stares down extreme experience and praises the everyday.

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    The Interview

    Patricia O’Reilly

    In Paris 1972, Eileen Gray, Irish designer and architect now reclusive in her 90s, is interviewed by Bruce Chatwin, a rising star of Fleet Street. The interview was never published. This novel explores the event and imagines what happened between the two.

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    The World of Saint Patrick

    Philip Freeman

    Classical scholar Philip Freeman provides an account of Saint Patrick’s life through new translations of the greatest works of early Christian Ireland.

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    The South Sea Bubble and Ireland

    Patrick Walsh

    Traces the impact of the South Sea bubble bursting in 1720 on the peripheries of the British state. Its primary focus is on Ireland, but within a comparative context, with special attention paid to Scotland.

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    Seamus Heaney’s Regions

    Richard Rankin Russell

    Explores Heaney’s poetry, prose, translations, and drama focusing on the notion of regions—the first, geographic, historical, political, cultural, linguistic; the second, a future where peace might one day flourish; and third, the life beyond this one.

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    Pericles of Athens

    Vincent Azoulay (Janet Lloyd, trans)

    A reassessment of the life and legacy of Pericles of Athens and his turbulent era, shedding light on his powerful family, his patronage of the arts, and his influence on Athenian politics and culture during the golden age of the ancient Greek world.

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    Hadrien Laroche (Jan Steyn and Caite Dolan-Leach, trans)

    A forlorn traveller is taken in by three suffering orphans, who, in the midst of their pain, give him food and shelter.

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    Northern Ireland and the European Union

    Mary C. Murphy

    Engages the study of Northern Ireland politics directly with broader debates about European integration and European governance. Covers Northern Ireland’s relationship with the EU during the contemporary era of devolved power.

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    Medieval People

    Michael Prestwich

    A highly illustrated overview of the life stories of some seventy individuals across Europe and the Middle East from the ninth to fifteenth centuries.

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    Ezra Pound: Poet

    A. David Moody

    Second volume of A. David Moody's full-scale portrait, covering Pound's middle years, his achievement as a poet and a composer as well as his complicated personal relationships.

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    Educating Ireland

    Karin Fischer & Deirdre Raftery (Eds)

    A collection studying the relationship between education and social change in Ireland, detailing how society was shaped and re-shaped by the various successes and failures of the education system from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.

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    The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher

    Hilary Mantel

    Hilary Mantel’s collection of short stories sees her write about marriage, class, family, sex, and of course the title story’s “what if?” question.

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    T.K. Whitaker

    Anne Chambers

    Voted ‘Irishman of the Century’ in 2002 and widely regarded as “the architect of modern Ireland”, T.K. Whitaker’s life spans the history of the Irish state in whose economic, social and cultural evolution he played an integral and influential role.

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    Brian Lenihan

    Brian Murphy, Mary O’ Rourke, Noel Whelan (Eds)

    A collection of tributes to the political and personal legacy of the late Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan. Contributors from across the national and international political spectrum include Eamon Ryan, Mary O’Rourke, Mary McAleese, Alan Ahearne and Noel Whelan.

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    Dreams of Shadow and Smoke

    Jim Rockhill & Brian J. Showers (Eds.)
    Ten new tales of the fantastic and macabre written in celebration of the bicentenary of Dublin's “Invisible Prince” – Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873).
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    The Winter of Discontent

    Tara Martin López

    Provides a re-examination of the winter of 1978–79 when more than 2,000 strikes took place across Britain. Highlights key strikes and places workers’ experiences within a broader context of trade union, Labour Party, and Conservative Party changes in the 1970s.

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    Jacques Lacan; Jacques-Alain Miller (ed)

    In this book, now available for the first time in English, Jacques Lacan explores the nature of anxiety, suggesting that it is not nostalgia for the object that causes anxiety but rather its imminence.

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    Isaiah Berlin

    John Gray

    In a new introduction, John Gray argues that, in a world in which human freedom has spread more slowly than democracy, Berlin's account of liberty and basic decency is more instructive and useful than ever.

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    How The World Was Won

    Peter Conrad

    Tracking America’s rise since 1945 to become “master of the earth”, and measuring what has been gained and lost by Americanization, this book looks at isolationism, 9/11 and resistance to American domination.

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    Endgame for ETA

    Teresa Whitfield

    Drawing on extensive field research, the book argues that a form of ‘virtual peacemaking’ was an essential complement to robust police action and social condemnation in bringing a definitive end to ETA’s armed activities in October 2011.

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