New Books: Information & Extracts

    The Winter of Discontent

    Tara Martin López

    Provides a re-examination of the winter of 1978–79 when more than 2,000 strikes took place across Britain. Highlights key strikes and places workers’ experiences within a broader context of trade union, Labour Party, and Conservative Party changes in the 1970s.

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    Jacques Lacan; Jacques-Alain Miller (ed)

    In this book, now available for the first time in English, Jacques Lacan explores the nature of anxiety, suggesting that it is not nostalgia for the object that causes anxiety but rather its imminence.

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    Isaiah Berlin

    John Gray

    In a new introduction, John Gray argues that, in a world in which human freedom has spread more slowly than democracy, Berlin's account of liberty and basic decency is more instructive and useful than ever.

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    How The World Was Won

    Peter Conrad

    Tracking America’s rise since 1945 to become “master of the earth”, and measuring what has been gained and lost by Americanization, this book looks at isolationism, 9/11 and resistance to American domination.

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    Endgame for ETA

    Teresa Whitfield

    Drawing on extensive field research, the book argues that a form of ‘virtual peacemaking’ was an essential complement to robust police action and social condemnation in bringing a definitive end to ETA’s armed activities in October 2011.

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    The Dead Buried By The Dying

    Gerard MacAtasney

    In-depth study of the Great Famine in county Leitrim using archival research to reveal the extent of the devastation that was wrought on the county by environmental conditions and British government policy at a local level.

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    The Zone of Interest

    Martin Amis

    A violently dark love story set against set against a backdrop of unadulterated evil, and a journey into the depths and contradictions of the human soul.

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    This is the Story of a Happy Marriage

    Ann Patchett

    Ann Patchett reveals the big experiences and little moments which have shaped her as a daughter, wife, friend and writer.

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    The Last Cavalier

    Pádraig Lenihan

    The first full-scale biography of Richard Talbot (1631-91), tracing how he took on the cause of reconciling his countrymen’s allegiance to London and to Rome and, under a Catholic king, clawing back their lost status and power.

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    Poetry by Women in Ireland

    Lucy Collins (ed)

    A unique anthology of poetry written by women in Ireland 1870-1970 challenges the assumption that little poetry of note was written by women during this period, revealing the range of their achievement and the lasting value of their work. Includes more than 180 poems by 15 women.

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    London Irish Fictions

    Tony Murray

    The first book about the literature of the Irish in London investigates the psychological landscapes of belonging and cultural allegiance present in the Irish experience of migration. Examines over 30 novels, short stories and autobiographies set in London since the Second World War.

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    Journey Westward

    Frank Shovlin

    A fusion of history and literary criticism – using close readings that balance techniques of realism and symbolism – this book suggests that Joyce, like Yeats and his fellow Revivalists, was attracted to the west of Ireland as a place of authenticity and freedom.

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    Horror Stories

    Darryl Jones (ed)

    Wide-ranging anthology of horror fiction from the Victorian and Edwardian periods that embraces the diversity of the developing genre to showcase its terrifying achievements. Features supernatural tales, ghost stories, scientific horror, mad doctor tales, psychological horror and colonial horror.

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    A History of Loneliness

    John Boyne

    Father Odran Yates is a good man. Dedicated to his vocation since entering Clonliffe College seminary at seventeen, he has lived through betrayal, controversy and public condemnation of some of his dearest friends. Through all of this, he has remained firm in his belief.

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    Frank Aiken’s War

    Matthew Lewis

    From an adolescent farmer to a local Sinn Fein activist and provincial guerrilla leader, and eventually to chief-of-staff of the IRA, this book blends elements of biography and local study to provide the first exhaustive account of Frank Aiken’s role throughout the turbulent revolutionary period, 1916-23.

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    Your Fathers, Where Are They? And The Prophets, Do They Live Forever?

    Dave Eggers

    In a barracks on an abandoned military base, miles from the nearest road, Thomas watches as the man he has brought wakes up. Kev, a NASA astronaut, doesn’t recognize his captor, though Thomas remembers him.

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    The Holding Centre

    Harry Clifton
    Harry Clifton has just completed three years as Ireland’s Professor of Poetry and this thirty-year retrospective of his work presents the trajectory of a poet who has been greeted with acclaim internationally.
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    Stalin’s American Spy

    Tony Sharp
    A biography telling the story of Noel Field, a Soviet agent in the US State Department in the mid-1930s. The book takes a fresh look at Soviet espionage in the United States and Field’s relationships with several key figures.
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    Saving the Market from Capitalism

    Massimo Amato and Luca Fantacci
    Analyses the role and organization of the world’s financial system in the aftermath of the economic crisis, arguing that the financial markets, as currently organized, hinder genuine market transactions and any chance of sustained recovery.
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    Mapping, Measurement and Metropolis

    Finnian Ó Cionnaith

    A comprehensively illustrated examination of the unique and fundamental role a small number of land surveyors had on the development of Dublin city during the eighteenth century.

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