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    Philology: The Forgotten Origins of the Modern Humanities

    James Turner
    Philology was for centuries synonymous with humanistic intellectual life encompassing Greek and Roman literature and indeed all other languages, literatures, histories and cultures.
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    The Pillar

    Donal Fallon
    A new book which looks at the site of Nelson’s Pillar, what was there before the admiral arrived, what followed his departure and finally his replacement with the Spire of Light.
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    Romancing Ireland: Richard Hayward, 1892-1964

    Paul Clements
    Richard Hayward was one of Ireland’s best loved cultural figures in the mid twentieth century, a popular travel writer, actor and singer; he led an intense and productive life.
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    The Lonesome Road

    Gabriel Fitzmaurice

    Seamus Heaney remarked that he took pleasure in the energy of Gabriel Fitzmaurice’s poems. This is a volume of his collected and new poems.

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    British North America in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

    Stephen Foster (ed)
     In this study of British North America it is argued that, contrary to frequently encountered opinion, the Metropolitan power was of significant importance in seventeenth and eighteenth century America.
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    Afterimage of the Revolution

    Jason Knirck
    Ascending to power after the Anglo- Irish treaty and a violent anti- British revolution, Cumann na nGaedheal governed for the first ten years of the Irish Free state.
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    Gavin Fridell
    Coffee is a major source of global wealth generating billions of dollars in corporate profits every year yet the majority of the world’s twenty five million coffee families live in relative poverty.
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    Et Ego in Arcadia

    Francis J. Kelly
    Francis J Kelly wrote poetry throughout his adult life. He worked as a teacher of Latin and English at St Michael’s College for over thirty years.
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    Representing the National Landscape in Irish Romanticism

    Julia M. Wright
    A study of the fraught relationship between land and national identity in Ireland based on an examination of key texts from the romantic era.
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    Here Are the Young Men

    Rob Doyle
    Set against the backdrop of Celtic Tiger Ireland, this debut novel follows Matthew, Rez, Cocker and Kearney as they face the void of their post-school lives, portraying a harbinger of the collapse of the national illusion.
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    The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish History

    Alvin Jackson (ed)
    This handbook brings together 36 leading scholars of modern Ireland and covers 400 years of Irish history, uniting early and late modernists as well as contemporary historians.  
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    Brendan Cleary
    From a series commemorating a brother to love poems of great simplicity and truth, Brendan Cleary’s work has the uncanny ability to make the mundane astonish and the otherworldly intimate.
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    James K. McGuire

    Joseph E. Fahey
    This is the story of James K McGuire’s remarkable rise to become a major figure in US national politics, as well as his questionable business dealings along the way.   
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    Poetry Ireland Review 112

    John F Deane (ed)
    The latest issue of Poetry Ireland is edited by John F Deane and contains a wide range of poetry devoted to religious themes.
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    Death, Burial, and the Afterlife

    Philip Cottrell and Wolfgang Marx (eds)
    This volume investigates death as an individual, social and metaphorical phenomenon that may be exemplified by themes involving burial rituals, identity and commemoration.
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    Ireland’s Czar

    James H Murphy
    This book offers a new interpretation of the politics of late nineteenth century Ireland and Gladstone's attempts first to mollify and then to concede to the demands for Home Rule.
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    Byzantine Matters

    Averil Cameron
    Averil Cameron presents an original and personal view of the challenges and questions facing historians of Byzantium today and calls to reconsider its place in Western history and imagination.
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    America and Britain

    Guy Arnold
    Guy Arnold investigates the truth behind the idea that enduring ties bind the interests of London and Washington, in good times and bad. Are the British engaged in an act of self-delusion?
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    The Cold of May Day Monday

    Robert Anthony Welch
    Robert Welch offers an individual view of the history of Irish literature from its very earliest phases up to the present day, with discussions of major writers such as Friel, Heaney, Mahon and McGahern.
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    Dublin: The Making of a Capital City

    David Dickson
    For a thousand years Dublin was a modest urban settlement but in the last four centuries it has experienced massive change. This book offers a very welcome survey of the city's history, one which reveals a rich and intriguing narrative.
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