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Four Sides Full

Vona Groarke
Gallery Press

Four Sides Full - Vona Groarke


Four Unpainted Frames

The child picks out suns and shoals, as she does.
Also a puzzle made of forbidding ghosts
and the rings her mother gave to the sea
the summer no one talks of any more.

The child knows it is no easy thing
to injure the frame or to fill it with water
or to make it spin like piano music
so all its glittery questions fall to the floor.

The frame has three yet unbroken ones
for the girl who dreams of love. Am I open
or closed? Am I quiet or silent? Where is
the end of me? But she does not care for riddles,

this child, so she sings to the back of the wall,
'I see you wherever you are'. Then she smiles
her not-for-the-life-of-me smile and gets up
on her tippy-toes, looks an answer in the eye.