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Hawks and Other Short Stories

Peter Hollywood
New Island


The first occasion they came into the shop, they took four cans of Farrow and Ball black paint.

The following night, the police found two local girls bound to lamp-posts with their heads half shaved. Black paint had been poured over them and then the feathers from some gutted pillows. In those days not many people had heard of synthetic material.

After this event, Sergeant Ferris came into the shop for the first time. Declan's father had been in the of­fice at the back and came out now at the sound of the spring-action bell that alerted him to any entrance to or exit from his premises. He eyed the empty can the policeman carried; there was a black tongue of paint lolled down its side. Behind the massive bulk of the sergeant, his father saw the police Land Rover taking up the kerb space reserved for the shop's delivery van. Declan was off school and his father had sent him to the wholesalers to pick up stock.....