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His Grace is Displeased

Selected Correspondence of John Charles McQuaid
Clara Cullen, Margaret O hOgartaigh (eds)


ARCHBISHOP'S HOUSE DUBLIN N.E. 3 10th April, 1951 [Copy]


Dear Taoiseach,

I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt to-day of your letter giving the answer of the Government to the letter which, on behalf of the Hierarchy, I handed to you on the 5th instant, when you were good enough to receive me at Government Buildings.

It will be my duty to convey the decision of the Government to the Standing Committee of the Bishops without delay, and to the General Meeting of the Hierarchy in mid-June.

I may, however, be permitted to anticipate the formal reply of the Hierarchy by expressing to you as Head of the Government my deep appreciation of the generous loyalty shown by you and by your colleagues in graciously deferring to the judgement of the Hierarchy concerning the moral aspects of the particular Health Scheme advocated by the Minister for Health.

In view of the clear attitude of the Hierarchy I may too be allowed to express my conviction that the decision of the Government to proceed to formulate another Scheme consonant with Catholic principles, will receive the very welcome support of the Bishops. It is our urgent desire, evidenced in our communications with the Government, that due provision should be made by the Government for the health of those mothers and children, whose insufficient means would not allow them to avail themselves of the best modern facilities.

The present intention of the Government to prepare such a Scheme is at once a guarantee of the blessing of God on your deliberations and a presage of practical and peaceful achievement. I have the honour to remain, My dearTaoiseach,

Yours respectfully and sincerely, [signed] + John C. McQuaid Archbishop of Dublin, Primate of Ireland