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Augustus Young
The Duras Press


"Winter Solstice"

Shortest day, longest night.

The world is dark as can be. Dark as
outside, and empty as what people say.
What's meant kindly, can't light what's
absent. The solace of darkness is no one
sees the obvious. So the world closes its
eyes, sight unseen, gets on with lives. I'm
spoken to as though not there. Let them
please themselves. Despair is a presence
without leave, the task master of my grief.
No need to steal flowers for you.
Fragrance is no longer due getting up in
the morning. I dress to go out, not in.

Everything I did in life it seems was merely
to tell you about it. Now it's true there is
nothing left to do save writing letters in my
head to an address unknown. You left in a
hurry. So the answer is my echo.