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Planet New Cabaret

Lorden,Dave (ed)
New island
€ 12.99

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Ever been so deep in love
You're speechless?
The further you sink, the only thought you can think is,
"Wow, you are perfect.'

 The temptation to take their picture,
Send it to Oxford entitled 'Perfect', and say,
'My definition is so much better than yours.'
Just look at this girl!
The love child of aliens and infinity,
Not a compliment on Earth worthy enough,
Yet the list I'd give is never ending.

 How can this be?That even as my heart that she broke is merely mending
That I still find her as lovely,
As oh so, oh so . .. perfect.

 She even broke my heart in a perfect way,
Not so badly that I wouldn't stay,
But just enough, to cement
That barely there barricade between us.

 And even when I tried again,
For there's always a chance for romance,
Her rejection was so soft that my lash-out response
Rippled restlessly before our ocean deep bond

 Returned to its still state,
The disturbance forgotten.

 And with that in mind, again we tried,
For third time's the charm,
And what's the harm?
I had nothing to lose and so much to gain,
My heart well adjusted to the pain.

 Her perfect looks always cause a clench,
Her perfect words always throw a wrench,
A spanner into my idiot mix,
Of closet confusion, confinement and puppy love.

 Oh cruel Cupid never tires of repetition it seems,
As (guess away by all means),
She said . . . no!
But oh, don't you know,
That wasn't the end of our lil show.

 Because this perfect girl deserves a perfect life,
Where someday she'll meet the perfect wife,
And have a perfect friend (played by me),
Who she can fall back on for eternity.

 And ... if it is meant to be,
For her and me?
Then I will be perfecdy happy
To be her one imperfection.

 Mel Kavanagh