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The World Upturning

Clara Cullen (ed)

The firing was incessant. At the corner of Merrion Square and Clare Street a rifle cracked somewhere close to us. All shops are barricaded and closed. Some windows were broken in Nassau Street and the City is terrible, and Nobletts sweet­shop has been ransacked.

The office in Dawson Street was closed, so we came back. In Baggot Street we could see fighting at the Bag. St. [Baggot Street] Bridge end. Dr Thomson thought he saw a man fall, and went on ahead to see could he help. It was a sniper who had been caught red-handed. Two soldiers had crawled along the roof from one house to another and dropped on to the window from which he was firing. We came up Fitzwilliam Place, and on Leeson Street Bridge I met Dr. and Mr. Webb.21 She had telephoned to the Vice-Regal Lodge for orders for the V.A.D.s, and got the reply we were to do nothing and above all not to wear uniform. Sir Matthew [Nathan] is at the V.R. [Vice-Regal] Lodge and we suppose Dorothy is with him. She was to go to Foxrock on Monday, but she cannot have got away.

I went to Mabel Dickinson22 to tell her that much and she said troops had been arriving all day from England, and passing at the end of Marlborough Road. General Friend23 has returned on a gun-boat, and Lord French24 is said to be with him. The fighting has raged round Beggars Bush Barracks, the Veteran Corps25 is shut up in there, Charlie Dickinson, Prof. Wilson, and Mr R.A. Anderson among them. They have plenty of food, and are only short of tobacco and razors! The Veteran Corps had been for a long route march on Monday, simply because it was Bank Holiday, and were struggling home along Northumberland Road, when suddenly they were fired at from windows, and four killed instantly, and some wounded. They went into Beggar s Bush Barracks, which had been their headquarters, and are surrounded by Sinn Feiners, or at any rate totally imprisoned there.

A young man came in, belonging to the motor garage at the top of [Dawson St. His chief is away, and the next in command dying from pounds in hospital and he is in charge. He cannot do very much except go and look at the place, and yesterday got a bullet through his pat cycling there. He was in Stephens Green itself today, there were 3 Head men just inside the gates, he said the 'trenches' were pathetic, just little scooped out hollows and bits of bushes stuck in front, no cover jit all. Countess Markievicz,26 in mens uniform, with a cigarette in her jmouth and a pistol in either hand was holding up the traffic. She shot a policeman dead.