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    Irish Economic Development

    Eoin O'Leary
    An exploration of how Ireland’s export-led growth is associated more with the attraction of foreign-assisted businesses than with the development of critical masses of internationally competitive indigenous businesses; and considers future opportunities offered by the EU’s smart-specialization policy and future threats from increased international tax competition.
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    The GAA & Revolution in Ireland 1913–1923

    Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh
    The story of how the GAA was both influenced and was influenced by the upheaval in the decade between the 1913 Lockout and the end of the Civil War in 1923. Leading writers in the field of modern Irish history and the history of sport explore the impact on ‘ordinary’ life of major events.
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    Ireland Says Yes

    Gráinne Healy, Brian Sheehan & Noel Whelan
    A fast-paced, narrative account of the last 100 days of the campaign for a Yes vote in the 2015 Marriage Equality referendum in Ireland.
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    John Behan: The Bull of Sheriff Street

    Adrian Frazier
    Adrian Frazier’s story about his friend, Irish sculptor John Behan, following Behan’s childhood in east Dublin to his role as a pivotal member of the creative fusion that was 1960s Dublin. With over thirty full-colour photographs and illustrations.
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    The State in Transition

    Kevin Rafter & Mark O’Brien

    John Horgan has enjoyed a dramatic and colourful career, and in this collection, leading Irish and international academics and other national figures consider the idea of a changing Ireland through the prism of different aspects of Horgan’s career over the past four decades, specifically changes in media, politics, and education.

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    Sport and Ireland

    Paul Rouse
    This is the first history of sport in Ireland, locating the history of sport within Irish political, social, and cultural history, and within the global history of sport, demonstrating that there are aspects of Ireland's sporting history that are uniquely Irish and are defined by the peculiarities of life on a small island on the edge of Europe.
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    The Projectionist

    Carlo Gebler
    In a book that is both biography and memoir, Carlo Gébler, Ernest Gebler’s estranged son, tells the enthralling story of his father’s life, covering his strange and alienated childhood, his disastrous family relationships, his marriage to writer Edna O’Brien, his staunch socialism and uncompromising disciplinary attitude, and his final heartbreaking struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.
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    Irish Feminisms

    Clara Fischer & Mary McAuliffe (eds)
    A collection of multi-disciplinary essays from leading experts that interrogates Irish feminist activism over the last one hundred years.
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    Irish women in medicine, c.1880s–1920s

    Laura Kelly
    The first comprehensive history of Irish women in medicine in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, focusing on the debates surrounding women’s admission to Irish medical schools, the geographical and social backgrounds of early women medical students, their educational experiences and subsequent careers.
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    Culture, Northern Ireland, and the Second World War

    Guy Woodward
    An exploration of the impact of the Second World War on literature and culture in Northern Ireland between 1939 and 1970, arguing that the war, as a unique interregnum in the history of Northern Ireland, challenged the entrenched political and social makeup of the province and had a profound effect on its cultural life.
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    The Best Are Leaving

    Clair Wills
    A wide-ranging study of post-war Irish emigrant culture, covering representations of emigrants from Ireland and of Irish immigrants in Britain across a range of discourses, including official documents, sociological texts, clerical literature, journalism, drama, literary fiction, and popular literature and film.
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    The Stoic Man

    Gerald Dawe

    Gerald Dawe’s retrospective on the Northern Irish society in which he grew up during the 1950s and ’60s, set alongside a portrait of the west of Ireland where he settled in the early 1970s and concludes with some views of Irish writing and present day Ireland as seen from the poet’s home in County Dublin.

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    Old Ways, Old Secrets: Pagan Ireland

    Jo Kerrigan
    Exploring the legends, special places and treasured practices of old, Jo Kerrigan reveals a rich world beneath Ireland’s modern layers.
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    Culture and Society in Ireland since 1750

    John Cunningham and Niall Ó Ciosáin (eds)
    Collection of essays commemorating Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh’s career as a distinguished academic and educator, covering many aspects of modern Irish history, culture and the Irish language.
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    Walking on the Pastures of Wonder

    John O’Donohue; John Quinn

    Seven years since the sudden death of John O'Donohue, in print for the first time, a poignant and inspirational collection of radio conversations and presentations, based on John’s radio work with former RTÉ broadcaster and close friend John Quinn.

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    The Catholic Church in Ireland Today

    David Carroll Cochran and John C. Waldmeir
    Examines issues such as growing secularism, the changing image of Irish bishops, generational divides, Catholic migrants to Ireland, the abuse crisis and responses in Ireland and the US, Irish missionaries, the political role of Irish priests, the 2012 Dublin Eucharistic Congress, and contemplative strands in Irish identity.
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    Ireland and the Eurovision

    David Blake Knox
    There’s no denying that the Eurovision Song Contest remains one of the most enduring phenomena of popular culture –and, perhaps, also one of the strangest.
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    Suicide: A Modern Obession

    Derek Beattie; Dr Patrick Devitt

    When is it okay for a person to kill themself? How have ideas about this changed over time, and how do they differ across cultures? How do Ireland’s suicide rates, especially among its young men, compare to rates in other countries in Europe and beyond?

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    Rule Breakers

    Niamh Hourigan
    Niamh Hourigan’s book paints a picture of the Irish national character, from its colonial history to its current-day dramas. The Ireland that emerges is a country where outcomes are often decided by who rather than what you know, and where – for good or for bad – rules are sometimes made to be broken.
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    A Taste of Love

    Theodora FitzGibbon
    The two-volume autobiography of Irish Times food writer Theodora FitzGibbon charting her bohemian appetite for love, pleasure, and good food, which took her all over the globe until her death, in Dublin, in 1991.
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