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    Old Ways, Old Secrets: Pagan Ireland

    Jo Kerrigan
    Exploring the legends, special places and treasured practices of old, Jo Kerrigan reveals a rich world beneath Ireland’s modern layers.
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    Culture and Society in Ireland since 1750

    John Cunningham and Niall Ó Ciosáin (eds)
    Collection of essays commemorating Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh’s career as a distinguished academic and educator, covering many aspects of modern Irish history, culture and the Irish language.
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    The Irish Civil War and Society

    Gavin M. Foster
    Gavin Foster re-conceptualizes class debates around the Irish Civil War (1922-3), exploring the social dimensions of the bitter conflict from fresh angles that highlight the rival social outlooks, interests, and conflicts that ruptured nationalist solidarity at the end of the Irish Revolution.
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    Domhnall Ua Buachalla

    Adhamhnán O Súilleabháin
    The first biography of the cultural nationalist, Gaelic Leaguer and friend of Pádraig Pearse, who became an Irish Volunteer leader in North Kildare, organising and arming the Maynooth rebels before marching to the GPO on Easter Monday 1916.
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    Bitter Freedom

    Maurice Walsh

    A narrative placing the Irish Revolution in the wider context of a world in turmoil after the ending of a global war: one that saw the collapse of empires and the rise of fascist Italy and communist Russia.

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    A City in Civil War Dublin 1921-1924

    Pádraig Yeates
    The concluding volume of Pádraig Yeates’ critically acclaimed ‘Dublin at War’ trilogy, in which the author turns his attention to the Civil War.
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    Waterford: The Irish Revolution, 1912–23

    Patrick McCarthy
    The first comprehensive history of Waterford during the turbulent and extraordinary years of the Irish Revolution; revealing what life was like for the ordinary men, women and  children of Waterford city and county during a period that witnessed world war as well as political and social strife in Ireland.
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    The Catholic Church in Ireland Today

    David Carroll Cochran and John C. Waldmeir
    Examines issues such as growing secularism, the changing image of Irish bishops, generational divides, Catholic migrants to Ireland, the abuse crisis and responses in Ireland and the US, Irish missionaries, the political role of Irish priests, the 2012 Dublin Eucharistic Congress, and contemplative strands in Irish identity.
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    Seán Murray

    Seán Byers
    A new biography exploring the history of Irish communism and socialist republicanism between 1916 and 1962 through the life of Seán Murray.
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    Irish Doctors in the First World War

    Patrick Casey, Kevin Cullen, Joe Duignan (eds)
    Records the experiences of Irish doctors who joined the British armed forces and describes their journey from the relative calm of a pre-war medical career to the horrors of the First World War.
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    Britain and Europe: The Endgame

    Dáithí O’Ceallaigh and Paul Gillespie (eds)
    Britain’s fraught relationship with Europe is analysed, with the authors arguing that the relationship has entered the endgame and asking what repercussions this could have on Ireland.
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    Young Ireland and the Writing of Irish History

    James Quinn
    Explores the Young Ireland vision of history which would inspire generations with a pride in Ireland's history, and would set the scene for the revolutionary period 1916-21 that followed.
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    Welcoming the Stranger: Irish Migrant Welfare in Britain since 1957

    Patricia Kennedy
    The story of how the Catholic Church met the welfare needs of Irish emigrants in Britain since the 1950s. Based on personal interviews and newly discovered archive material.
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    Rule Breakers

    Niamh Hourigan
    Niamh Hourigan’s book paints a picture of the Irish national character, from its colonial history to its current-day dramas. The Ireland that emerges is a country where outcomes are often decided by who rather than what you know, and where – for good or for bad – rules are sometimes made to be broken.
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    The Irish Times: 150 Years of Influence

    Terence Brown
    Terence Brown tells the story of the newspaper from its foundation in 1859, analysing its stance during events ranging from The Easter Rising, The Civil War, the Troubles and the recent economic recession.
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    Inside the GPO 1916

    Joe Good, Maurice Good (Ed), Robert Ballagh (intro)
    A first-hand account of the 1916 Rising and its aftermath from Joe Good, a member of the Irish Volunteers who guarded the approach across O'Connell Bridge as the rebels took the centre of Dublin, based on his journals and edited by his son Maurice.
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    Dying for the Cause

    Tim Horgan
    Tim Horgan tells the story of the lives and deaths of 162 Kerrymen who died while fighting for the cause of an independent Irish republic of 32 counties and provides a social history of the county and a snapshot of life in Ireland.
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    Willie Pearse

    Róisín Ní Ghairbhí
    Biography of Willie Pearse, the younger brother of Patrick Pearse, a leader of the 1916 Rising.
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    Con Colbert

    John O'Callaghan
    Biography of Con Colbert, member of Na Fianna Éireann, the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Republican Brotherhood, who faced the firing squad at Kilmainham Gaol on 8 May 1916, aged twenty-seven.
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    Sexual Politics in Modern Ireland

    Jennifer Redmond, Sonja Tiernan, Sandra McAvoy and Mary McAuliffe
    Collection of essays looking at the story of gender history in Ireland and how the State has treated its citizens on the basis of gender. Discusses the concepts of masculinity, femininity and ‘otherness’, as well as a study of activists from various campaigns that surround the progression of Pro-Choice and Pro-Life since 1983.
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