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    Belfast Days

    Eimear O’Callaghan

    Diary entries of a 16 year old Catholic schoolgirl living through the bloodiest year of the Northern Irish ‘Troubles’ in Belfast 1972, complemented with the author’s present day reflections written forty years later.

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    The World of Saint Patrick

    Philip Freeman

    Classical scholar Philip Freeman provides an account of Saint Patrick’s life through new translations of the greatest works of early Christian Ireland.

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    The South Sea Bubble and Ireland

    Patrick Walsh

    Traces the impact of the South Sea bubble bursting in 1720 on the peripheries of the British state. Its primary focus is on Ireland, but within a comparative context, with special attention paid to Scotland.

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    Educating Ireland

    Karin Fischer & Deirdre Raftery (Eds)

    A collection studying the relationship between education and social change in Ireland, detailing how society was shaped and re-shaped by the various successes and failures of the education system from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.

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    T.K. Whitaker

    Anne Chambers

    Voted ‘Irishman of the Century’ in 2002 and widely regarded as “the architect of modern Ireland”, T.K. Whitaker’s life spans the history of the Irish state in whose economic, social and cultural evolution he played an integral and influential role.

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    Brian Lenihan

    Brian Murphy, Mary O’ Rourke, Noel Whelan (Eds)

    A collection of tributes to the political and personal legacy of the late Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan. Contributors from across the national and international political spectrum include Eamon Ryan, Mary O’Rourke, Mary McAleese, Alan Ahearne and Noel Whelan.

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    The Dead Buried By The Dying

    Gerard MacAtasney

    In-depth study of the Great Famine in county Leitrim using archival research to reveal the extent of the devastation that was wrought on the county by environmental conditions and British government policy at a local level.

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    The Last Cavalier

    Pádraig Lenihan

    The first full-scale biography of Richard Talbot (1631-91), tracing how he took on the cause of reconciling his countrymen’s allegiance to London and to Rome and, under a Catholic king, clawing back their lost status and power.

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    Frank Aiken’s War

    Matthew Lewis

    From an adolescent farmer to a local Sinn Fein activist and provincial guerrilla leader, and eventually to chief-of-staff of the IRA, this book blends elements of biography and local study to provide the first exhaustive account of Frank Aiken’s role throughout the turbulent revolutionary period, 1916-23.

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    Mapping, Measurement and Metropolis

    Finnian Ó Cionnaith

    A comprehensively illustrated examination of the unique and fundamental role a small number of land surveyors had on the development of Dublin city during the eighteenth century.

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    Ireland and the Irish in Interwar England

    Mo Moulton

    Mo Moulton makes an argument for England’s treatment of Ireland after the Anglo-Irish War as an English solution to the larger problem of the collapse of its multi-ethnic empires in the twentieth century.

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    Ireland, the United Nations and the Congo

    Michael Kennedy and Art Magennis
    Including previously unseen UN archives, this book covers eighteen critical months from July 1960 to December 1961, which almost tore the UN apart and which brought the realities of UN membership to Ireland.
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    The Howth Gun-Running and the Kilcoole Gun-Running

    F.X. Martin (ed)
    A 50th anniversary edition of a seminal text of Irish history, compiling eye-witness accounts, diary-entries, letters and telegrams written by leaders of Irish nationalism during the planning, execution and aftermath of the gun-running of July and August 1914.
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    Don’t Mention the Wars

    Tony Connelly
    New and updated edition exploring the truth behind European stereotypes. Covers the bailouts, the Euro-crisis, the rise of Angela Merkel and the dalliances of the French presidents.
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    The Pillar

    Donal Fallon
    A new book which looks at the site of Nelson’s Pillar, what was there before the admiral arrived, what followed his departure and finally his replacement with the Spire of Light.
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    Romancing Ireland: Richard Hayward, 1892-1964

    Paul Clements
    Richard Hayward was one of Ireland’s best loved cultural figures in the mid twentieth century, a popular travel writer, actor and singer; he led an intense and productive life.
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    Afterimage of the Revolution

    Jason Knirck
    Ascending to power after the Anglo- Irish treaty and a violent anti- British revolution, Cumann na nGaedheal governed for the first ten years of the Irish Free state.
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    The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish History

    Alvin Jackson (ed)
    This handbook brings together 36 leading scholars of modern Ireland and covers 400 years of Irish history, uniting early and late modernists as well as contemporary historians.  
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    Ireland’s Czar

    James H Murphy
    This book offers a new interpretation of the politics of late nineteenth century Ireland and Gladstone's attempts first to mollify and then to concede to the demands for Home Rule.
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    Dublin: The Making of a Capital City

    David Dickson
    For a thousand years Dublin was a modest urban settlement but in the last four centuries it has experienced massive change. This book offers a very welcome survey of the city's history, one which reveals a rich and intriguing narrative.
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