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    A Mystic Dream of 4

    Iggy Mc Govern
    Poet Iggy Mc Govern has written a collection of verse celebrating the life of the scientist William Rowan Hamilton and organised around imagined perceptions of him held by a range of prominent contemporaries.
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    Planet New Cabaret

    Lorden,Dave (ed)
    Writer Dave Lorden edits this collection of new writing which emerged from an on-air  writing course sponsored by radio One's Arena programme.
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    Peter Fallon

    Richard Rankin Russell
    In this unique volume, edited by Richard Rankin Russell, a luminous group of Irish and international writers gather to pay tribute to Irish publisher and poet Peter Fallon, recognising his immense contribution to literary and artisitc life in Ireland and beyond. Essays on Fallon's life and literary legacy have been contributed by a distinguisehd group, including Seamus Heaney, Derek Mahon, Dennis O'Driscoll, Maurice Harmon, Justin Quinn and Wendell Berry.
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    Between Dog and Wolf

    Elske Rahill
    Darkly moving, often shocking, this interwoven story follows three college students, desperately searching for a place between the familiar and the strange as they careen towards self-knowledge. In this debut novel, each character forces the boundaries of normality, negotiating the chasms of their own violent sexuality and decay.
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    Mount Merrion

    Justin Quinn
    This impressive debut novel by Justin Quinn tells the story of the Boyles: an affluent couple with an enviable address who, despite their prosperous upbringing and expensive education, find their lives keep running into trouble. Set against the brilliantly realised backdrop of a changing Ireland, it is a page-turning drama, a biting satire and a lovingly detailed portrait of a marriage and a family.
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    The Rising of Bella Casey

    Mary Morrissy
    From a piano abandoned on the strife-torn streets of Dublin at Easter 1916, Mary Morrissey spins the reader backwards through the life of enigmatic beauty Bella Casey, sister of the famed playwright Seán O’Casey. The real and imagined are entwined in a haunting and deeply affecting novel of sexual secrets, obsession and desires.
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    William Trevor: Revaluations

    Delaney, Parker (eds)
    William Trevor: Revaluations offers a comprehensive examination of the oeuvre of one of the most accomplished and celebrated practitioners writing in the English language. Drawing on the talents of a team of distinguished, international scholars, the collection provides a much-needed examination of such issues as the author’s prolonged concern with domestic, communal and national violence, patterns of inheritance and ideological heritage, and the impact of the past on the choices a person makes.
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    The Dead Zoo

    Ciaran Berry
    Ciaran Berry’s powerfully resonant second collection covers reading Ovid on a transatlantic flight, conjuring a mirage in the West of Ireland a century ago, teenage longing and lusts, Nero’s circus in full swing, the pathologist who kept Einstein’s brain, Darwin’s expeditions and discoveries, a Japanese ghost ship adrift after a tsumani, and the ‘Beltway’ sniper attacks of 2002. Here poems straddle the ages and the ocean between the author’s home place and a new home in America  confirming  what has been described as his ‘extraordinary range and maturity... virtuousity... and originality" .
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    Being Alexander

    Diarmaid Ó Conghaile
    TCD economist Diarmaid Ó Conghaile’s first novel follows hapless hero Alexander Vespucci  - Irishman, economist, admirer of women, seer of beauty and seeker of truth – on a hilarious journey through the crazy heights of bubble-town Dublin, as he struggles to escape his increasingly humdrum existence.
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    The Woman Not the Name

    Brian Lynch
    Brian Lynch’s dark yet comic love story fuses a moral tale with the myth of Orpheus. Will Ferris, a singer-songwriter and boxer from Cork, has a secret past for which he has already paid a heavy price. But things are looking up – a weekly gig in a Dublin pub leads to an appearance on The Late Late Show. Fame brings Will admiration, sex and success, but his enemies are gathering...
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    The Collected Works of Oscar Wilde Vol VI

    Stokes,Turner (eds)
    Latest volume in Oxford's impressive scholarly editions of Wilde's work. This one is devoted to the writer's journalism and our extract is a review of his mother's two-volume collection of Irish legends, a work in which she regularly "improved" on the originals. Oscar, of course, is dutiful in his review.
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    Valley of the Peacock Angel

    Martin Malone
    In a new novel from Kildare-based writer Martin Malone, a young Kurdish shepherd witnesses the slaughter of his family, and most of the inhabitants of his town. He hears the shells falling and sees what seemed a straightforward attack become even more horrific as it emerges the assailants are using chemical weapons.
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    Frank McGuinness
    Playwright Frank McGuinness's first novel is set in Ireland in the nineteen forties. An Italian painter comes to work in remote Donegal. Nothing and no-one is the same afterwards, all is changed forever by what he sees, by what he hears. It is a novel of many voices, of strong humour and great feeling. Declan Kiberd calls it 'a work of passion and truth, in which imaginative daring is matched by deep psychological insight.'
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    Collected Poems of Micheal O'Siadhail

    Micheal O'Siadhail
    Anne Stevenson describes O'Siadhail's poetry as having 'a controlled sensuousness of language... it comes as near as poetry can, without being confessional, to conveying the overtones and textures of actual experience.' The Collected Poems draws on thirteen collections, and includes a CD of  O'Siadhail reading a selection of poems.
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    The Things We Lose, the Things We Leave Behind

    Billy O'Callaghan
    In a new collection of sharply written short stories by Billy O'Callaghan, we encounter an institutionalised orphan boy in 1950s Ireland who is sold into servitude as a farm labourer. A once-renowed Sevillano matador falls, in a single misstep, into obscurity. A grief-stricken father struggles with the notion of reality. A decades-long love affair plays out to a clockwork routine in a crumbling low-season seaside resort. And in the collection's poignant title story, a man returns home after years in exile to see the child he abandoned long ago.
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    The Short Fiction of Flann O'Brien

    Neil Murphy and Keith Hopper (eds)
    This riotous collection at last gathers together Flann O'Brien's shorter fiction in a single volume, as well as O'Brien's last and unfinished novel, Slattery's Sago Saga. Also included are new translations of several stories originally published in Irish. With some of these stories appearing here in book form for the very first time, and others previously unavailable for decades, this is a welcome gift for Flann O'Brien fans worldwide.
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    The Eloquence of the Dead

    Conor Brady
    In Conor Brady's second novel, a Dublin pawnbroker is found murdered and Sergeant Joe Swallow is handed the poisoned chalice of investigation. Following leads from Trim to the Tower of London, The Eloquence of the Dead is a fast-paced and gripping crime thriller that lays out the underbelly of 1880s Dublin.
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    Flann O'Brien, Plays and Teleplays

    Daniel Keith Jernigan (ed)
    Rarely reprinted, rarely staged, and sometimes entirely unpublished, Flann O'Brien's works for the stage and television are speculative, inventive, and as wickedly funny as his novels.
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    Dubliners and Ulysses: Bonds of Character

    David G Wright
    Written by the late David Wright whose work has, in the view of Declan Kiberd, confirmed the epic nature of Joyce's continuing project and the rigour with which the great artist created an entire world. 
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    Richard Murphy Poems 1952- 2012

    Richard Murphy
    Murphy is one of Ireland's greatest poets
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