"The drb sustains a level of commentary on Irish and international matters that no other journal in Ireland and few elsewhere can reach. It deserves all the support that can be given it." X
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    The House of Mourning

    Desmond Hogan
    Desmond Hogan is seen as one of the most remarkable literary talents to have come out of Ireland in the past half century and perhaps the best introduction to his work is through his magnificent short stories.
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    The Writings of Ivor Browne

    Ivor Browne
    Catriona Crowe says of Ivor Browne that both personally and professionally he stands for compassion, accessibility, innovation, respect for others and, above all, independent thinking. 
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    Hawks and Other Short Stories

    Peter Hollywood
    Peter Hollywood's collection of stories is written in clear and elegant prose shot through with a wry humour.
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    A Middle-Aged Orpheus Looks back at his Life

    Gabriel Fitzmaurice
    Gabriel Fitzmaurice brings us a charming a poignant retrospective on his life through new and selected sonnets.
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    Eden Halt, an Antrim Memoir

    Ross Skelton
    Ross Skelton's memoir has impressed Roddy Doyle who says: "we read as if memory is being assembled in front of us. That precision, the beautifully executed detail makes Eden Halt a deeply moving memoir"
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    Irish Women's Fiction, From Edgeworth to Enright

    Heather Ingman
    Ingman's book deals with women writers of fiction from the eighteenth century to contemporary times. She treats the circumstances of women's writing lives and the themes on which they wrote.
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    Change in the Wind

    Niall O'Connor
    Carefully crafted poems from a poet who has had time to reflect on life, youth, age, place and change.
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    The Awkward Squads and Selected Short Stories

    Shan Bullock
    In The Awkward Squads the men of Bilboa meet to prepare for the defence of the cause of Ireland; across the Lough in Fermanagh, the Loyal Lowth Castle Infantry is assembling under their motto "Croppies Lie Down". Then one night the two squads encounter each other.
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    Town and Country

    Kevin Barry (ed)
    Edited by novelist and short story writer Kevin Barry, this is the latest in the Faber anthologies of Irish short stories......The Irish story is changing and is pulsing with great, mad and rude new erergies. Watch it now as it spirals and spins out. 
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    Sheila Wingfield
    Sheila Wingfield's poetry offers an insight into life in the middle decades of the twentieth century. Wingfield was born in the south of England to an Irish mother and an English father. In 1932 she married Mervyn Patrick Wingfield. The couple moved to Ireland and later inherited the Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow.
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    Time Present and Time Past

    Deirdre Madden
    Deirdre Madden's eight novel. As the Buckley family delve into their memories, so too must they renegotiate their history and the decisions that have brought them to to this place in the present ... an exquisite and extraordinary dissection of the life of an ordinary family.
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    George Moore: Across Borders

    Huguet, Dabrigeon-Garcier (eds)
    Moore was a fascinating figure moving between countries, crossing genre and medium boundaries and forever exploring aesthetic trends and artistic developments through Naturalism, Impressionism, Decadence and Literary Wagnerism. This volume offers a variety of critical perspectives to approach Moore's multifaceted oeuvre and personality.
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    The Green Book

    A new journal which plans to publish critical work on Irish writers of gothic, supernatural and fantastic literature. Authors covered will include well known names and important figures who have received less critical attention in the past.
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    Declaring his Genius

    Roy Morris Jr
    During his 1882 tour of the US Oscar Wilde covered 15,000 miles, delivered 140 lectures and met everyone who was anyone. Long haired and dressed in satin knee breeches with black silk stockings, the apostle of the Aesthetic Movement shocked entertained and enlightened a spellbound nation.
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    The Offspring of the Moon

    John W Sexton
    In these poems John W Sexton speaks in a tradition from oral tales and myths to the gothic of Sheridan Le Fanu and Bram Stoker. These are poems of the altered mind, of the subveresion of logic and science.
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    The Sun King

    Conor O'Callaghan
    Fourth collection of poems from Conor O'Callaghan.
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    The Devil I Know

    Claire Kilroy
    Claire Kilroy's fourth novel
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    Impure Thoughts

    Michael G Cronin
    Impure Thoughts explores the relationship between sexuality, literature and Catholicism in twentieth century Ireland.
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    The Mining Road

    Leanne O'Sullivan
    New collection of poems both sensuous and religious from Leanne O'Sullivan.
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    Levels of Life

    Julian Barnes
    Julian Barnes' new book is about ballooning, photography, love and grief.
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