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    All Through the Night: Night Poems and Lullabies

    Marie Heaney (ed)

    A collection of moving and evocative night poems for all stages of life. Lullabies and other poems relating to children and parenting form the opening section, while later poems celebrate or give voice to our various night-time pleasures and preoccupations. The elegiac poems towards the end of the book turn to face the prospect of that last long sleep that awaits us all. Edited by Marie Heaney.

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    James Joyce and Italo Svevo

    Stanley Price

    A study of the friendship between James Joyce and Italo Svevo living in Trieste. In Ulysses, the near father-son relationship between Stephen Dedalus and Bloom in Dublin was very close to that of Svevo and Joyce.

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    The Real People of Joyce's Ulysses

    Vivien Igoe
    Dubliner and Joycean scholar Vivien Igoe reveals the biographies of scores of people that had previously been deemed to be fictional in James Joyce's Ulysses, and who had been accorded little attention as a result. Lavishly illustrated, the book provides a comprehensive A to Z of these real people with detailed information about where they lived, died and are buried; worked, intermingled and found inspiration.
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    Earth-Bound and Other Supernatural Tales

    Dorothy Macardle
    Originally published in 1924, the nine tales that comprise Earth-Bound were written by Dorothy Macardle while she was held a political prisoner in Dublin's Kilmainham Gaol and Mountjoy Prison.
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    The Ponzi Man

    John Devlin, gambling addict and once-celebrated financial genius, is waiting to stand trial for stealing his clients' money, goes back to live in a caravan in a seaside resort in which he spent the summers of his childhood, where memories and living reminders of better times taunt him.
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    A Glassful of Letters

    Evelyn Conlon

    Friendship, love, isolation, and the quiet bravery of one woman are at the heart of this novel from Evelyn Conlon, one of Ireland’s most distinctive and energetic voices. A Books Upstairs reissue of her novel first published in 2000.

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    Telling: Selected Stories

    Evelyn Conlon
    Presenting nineteen of her best-loved tales, Telling is a triumphant demonstration of the achievement of one of Ireland’s most boldly original writers, Evelyn Conlon. A Books Upstairs reissue of her 1998 collection.
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    25 Stories High

    An anthology of short stories organised by the charity Fighting Words. Twenty five transition year students drafted, redrafted, edited and completed the stories with encouragement from Fighting Words volunteers.
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    The Ulysses Trials

    Joseph M. Hassett
    The publishers of Ulysses by James Joyce were brought to trial and convicted of obscenity in the USA in 1921. This book chronicles the progress from then until its eventual publication in the US in 1936, having run the gamut of legal obstruction.
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    The End of the Modern World

    Anthony Cronin
    Since the original version of Anthony Cronin’s classic sequence, The End of the Modern World, first appeared in 1989, it has been acclaimed as one of the most singular achievements in twentieth-century Irish poetry. Revised and extended since then by the author, this new edition is the first time that this major work has been published in its entirety as a solo volume.
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    John Barth

    Gabrielle Dean and Charles B. Harris (eds)
    For the past half-century, John Barth has been recognised as our quintessential postmodernist and praised as one of the best writers “we have ever had” (New York Times Book Review). In this unique collection, thirty-six writers and critics look back at Barth’s career, providing a deeper understanding of his books as well as privileged glimpses into the man behind the books.
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    The Springs of Affection

    Maeve Brennan
    "Brennan is, for a new generation of Irish women writers, a casualty of old wars not yet won. The prose holds her revived reputation very well, especially the Irish stories" - from Anne Enright's introduction to this reissue from The Stinging Fly.
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    Nothing On Earth

    Conor O'Callaghan
    A frightened girl bangs on a door. A man answers. From the moment he invites her in, his world will never be the same again. Poet Conor O'Callaghan's debut novel.
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    The Lonely Sea and Sky

    Dermot Bolger
    Part historical fiction, part extraordinary coming-of-age tale, the novel charts the maiden voyage of fourteen-year-old Jack Roche aboard a tiny Wexford ship, the Kerlogue, on a treacherous wartime journey to Portugal.
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    The text of a unique theatre performance in which eight Irish writers remember the 1916 revolutionaries. A performance introduction on the staging of the play is given by Director Patrick Mason, and an introduction by Lucy Collins, School of English, Drama and Film, UCD, sets the historical context of the play.
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    Granta 135: New Irish Writing

    A special issue showcasing contemporary Irish fiction, memoir, poetry and photography.
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    The Found Voice

    Denis Sampson
    A new take on the work of a selection of popular contemporary writers drawing attention to the significance of some of their less popular works.
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    Leabhar na hAthghabhála / Poems of Repossession

    Louis de Paor (ed)
    The first comprehensive critical anthology of modern poetry in Irish with English translations. It forms a sequel to Seán Ó Tuama and Thomas Kinsella’s pioneering anthology, An Duanaire 1600-1900 / Poems of the Dispossessed (1981), but features many more poems in covering the work of 25 poets from the past century.
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    Even The Daybreak: 35 Years of Salmon Poetry

    Jessie Lendennie (ed)
    35 Years of Salmon Poetry (1981-2016) celebrates 35 years of innovative Irish and international poetry. The volume contains one previously unpublished poem from each Salmon poet.
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    Rita Ann Higgins

    Provocative and heart-warming poems of high jinx and telling social comment by a gutsy, anarchic chronicler of Irish lives and foibles, mischievous and playful in their portrayal of feckless folk and outcasts, flirts and weasels, gasbags and scallywags.

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