"The drb sustains a level of commentary on Irish and international matters that no other journal in Ireland and few elsewhere can reach. It deserves all the support that can be given it." X
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    Selected Poems

    Vona Groarke
    Presenting more than twenty years’ work by one of the finest poets of her generation.
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    The Collected Short Stories

    Dermot Healy
    A collection of Dermot Healy's intricate and innovative short stories that helped relaunch the Irish short story tradition. Set in small-town Ireland and the equally suffocating confines of the Irish expat communities of 1970s London, Healy’s stories show compassion toward the marginalized and the dispossessed.
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    Vinny's Wilderness

    Janet Shepperson

    A novel by Janet Shepperson set in South Belfast which deals with childhood friendship and motherhood. 

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    Black Rose Days

    Martin Malone
    This mystery novel is the latest powerful work by Martin Malone.
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    The Irish Landscape

    Peadar McArdle
    A county-by-county exploration of Ireland’s remarkable landscape and the impact it has had on Irish history and culture.
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    The Wing Orderly’s Tales

    Carlo Gébler
    Carlo Gebler's new novel, set in Her Majesty’s Prison Loanend where inmate Harold ‘Chalky’ Chalkman serving twelve years for a violent assault, and lucky not to have been done for attempted murder, works as the orderly to ‘E’ and ‘F’ wings.

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    John McGahern and the Imagination of Tradition

    Stanley van der Ziel
    John McGahern and the Imagination of Tradition presents McGahern as a novelist of ideas by showing how his fiction engages in a knowing and self-conscious way with ideas about literature from different historical periods. It is a study of McGahern’s fiction seen through the literary influences that shaped his imagination.
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    This is the Ritual

    Rob Doyle
    In this eagerly anticipated follow-up to his debut novel, Here Are the Young Men, Rob Doyle brings us a collection of stories whose characters are lost in the universe and in themselves. They come off the page spitting with rage and wit: deluded, tormented and all too human.
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    Children's Children

    Jan Carson
    A collection of short stories mixing Carson’s distinctive magic realist voice with a more traditional brand of Irish literary fiction, exploring the concept of legacy and the influence of one generation upon the next.
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    Barefoot Souls

    Maram al-Masri; translated by Theo Dorgan
    Detailing the lives of Syrian women living in Paris, these poems, capturing the unheard voices of women whose lives are suppressed in unimaginable ways, allow us to explore moments never mentioned in the news reports. Potent and never failing to capture the essence of the feminine experience with a remarkable amount of insight.
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    Rebel Sisters

    Marita Conlon-McKenna
    Growing up in the privileged confines of Dublin’s leafy Rathmines, the bright, beautiful Gifford sisters Grace, Muriel and Nellie kick against the conventions of their wealthy Anglo-Irish background and their mother Isabella’s expectations. Soon, as war erupts across Europe, the spirited sisters find themselves caught up in their country’s struggle for freedom.
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    Approximately in the Key of C

    Tony Curtis
    "Tony Curtis's humour and charm, and ability to turn a poem with the seemingly simplest of images, and that understanding of how words will play over the listener's ear, are hallmarks
    which are pleasingly brought to the fore on the page" - Michael McKimm, The Warwick Review
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    Strange Country

    Kimberly Campanello.
    Kimberly Campanello’s new collection  is an exciting new work, that through the theme of the mythical Sheela na gig, explores the light and dark of Modern Ireland.
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    Kevin Curran
    This novel creates a conversation across a century, between two disparate characters, in one unique interwoven story that combines the historical epic with contemporary cultural commentary. 
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    Ireland and its Elsewheres

    Harry Clifton
    In this, the second volume in UCD Press's The Poet's Chair series publishing the public lectures of the Ireland Professors of Poetry, the distinguished Dublin poet Harry Clifton - who has lived and worked all over the globe - focuses on locating himself and other Irish poets in relation to the literary traditions of Britain, Europe and the United States.
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    Marina Carr
    In this play, Marina Carr’s bold response to Euripides (‘the most intensely tragic of all poets’ — Aristotle), there's a demand for further bloodshed.
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    Northern Irish Poetry and Domestic Space

    Adam Hanna
    The book explores why houses, in some ways the most private of spaces, have taken up such visibly public positions in the work of a range of poets from Northern Ireland: Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley, Derek Mahon and Medbh McGuckian.
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    Joe Joyce
    The final novel in the fast-paced trilogy by Joe Joyce.
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    Beckett's Friendship

    André Bernold
    Meeting in the cafés and streets of Paris, with  conversations noted and hesitancies observed, the gradual exfoliation of a personality is revealed across the last decade of Beckett’s life as one intellectual appraises another.
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    Charlie Chaplin's Wishbone and Other Stories

    Aidan Mathews

    Twelve short stories from one of Ireland’s leading practitioners of the art, Aiden Mathews, marking a welcome return of a major voice in Irish literature, unpublished since the 1990s.

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