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    What News, Centurions?

    Colm Scully
    A poetry collection from the 2014 winner of The Cúirt New Writing Poetry Prize, leading readers on a fanciful odyssey from the early Christian world of Skellig Michael to a post-apocalyptic voice from some planet on another star.
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    One Wide Expanse

    Michael Longley
    The first volume in The Poet's Chair series, which will publish the public lectures of the Ireland Professors of Poetry. In this volume, the distinguished Irish poet Michael Longley - whose poetry has transcended political and cultural boundaries throughout his career - reflects on what has influenced his craft.

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    Catching Bats Takes Patience

    Mary Kennelly
    Mary Kennelly poetry collection looks at the routine of domestic life and motherhood and picks it apart, revealing a hidden layer of emotion and depth to her everyday life.
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    Undoing Time: The Life and Work of Samuel Beckett

    Jennifer Birkett
    New account of Samuel Beckett’s life and literature offering a systematic overview and discussion of his drama, prose and poetry; making accessible his later and less well-known pieces.
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    The Stoic Man

    Gerald Dawe

    Gerald Dawe’s retrospective on the Northern Irish society in which he grew up during the 1950s and ’60s, set alongside a portrait of the west of Ireland where he settled in the early 1970s and concludes with some views of Irish writing and present day Ireland as seen from the poet’s home in County Dublin.

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    The House of Slamming Doors

    Mark Macauley

    It's 1963 in a country house in west Wicklow during the heady summer of JFK's visit to Ireland. Turbulence is in the air as Justin is locked in combat with his angry and inebriate father. A dark comedy unfolds and progresses to winter as Kennedy is assassinated and Justin ends his oedipal struggle and comes of age.

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    Green Glowing Skull

    Gavin Corbett
    After fleeing his dying parents and the drudgery of work in Dublin for the Manhattan of his imagination – a place of romance and opulence, dark old concert halls and mellow front parlours quieted by the hiss of the phonograph cylinder – Rickard Velily hopes to be reborn as an Irish tenor, and to one day be reunited with the love of his life.
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    Belinda McKeon
    Follows the friendship of Catherine and James who meet in Dublin in the late 1990s, coming of age in a city which is teeming - or so they are told - with new freedoms, new possibilities.
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    Young Irelanders

    Dave Lordan (ed)
    An anthology of short stories introducing a new and continually evolving Irish literary scene, featuring a selection of Ireland’s most gifted and daring contemporary short-fiction writers.
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    What Becomes of Us

    Henrietta McKervey

    Dublin, 1965. A city on the cusp of change. A country preparing to commemorate the 1916 Rising. Set against the backdrop of stifling social and religious mores, alongside a defiant new wave of women's liberation, the novel tells the story of the struggle to carve out a new identity when the past refuses to let go.

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    The River

    Jane Clarke
    Jane Clarke’s debut poetry collection conveys a distinctive voice and vision. Rooted in rural life, this poet of poignant observation achieves restraint and containment while communicating intense emotions.
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    Dermot Bolger
    Written by a master story-teller, Dermot Bolger's new novel grows into an incisive dissection of Ireland in 2007, when – although these characters are unaware of it – the Celtic Tiger edifice is quietly imploding.
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    What's Happening in the Shade

    Liam Ryan
    Liam Ryan canvasses a broad spectrum of subjects in his second collection of poems. Part I of the collection visits life, death and God, while Part II examines love in many of its forms: parental love, spousal love and unrequited love. 
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    Caitriona Lally
    This debut novel follows Vivian Lawlor who believes she is a changeling; that she was left by fairies on Earth. Her everyday routine, meticulously mapped out on parchment paper, takes her all over Dublin in her effort to get 'home' to the otherworld.
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    Doireann Ní Ghríofa
    Award-winning poet Doireann Ní Ghríofa’s first English-language collection of poems. In three sections entitled ‘Clasp’, ‘Cleave’ and ‘Clench’, Ní Ghríofa engages in a strikingly physical way with the world of her subject matter.
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    The Way In

    John McAuliffe
    John McAuliffe’s new book continues to explore a contemporary life whose domestic spaces and routines are lovingly itemized and reassembled.
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    The Travels of Sorrow

    Dermot Healy
    Dermot Healy’s death in the summer of 2014 reverberated deeply and far. This book is the final collection of a compelling, original and charismatic artist.

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    The Green Road

    Anne Enright
    Anne Enright's new novel set on Ireland’s Atlantic coast, a story of fracture and family, selfishness and compassion – a book about the gaps in the human heart and how we learn to fill them.
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    The Glorious Heresies

    Lisa McInerney
    Debut novel from award-winning blogger Lisa McInerney explores salvation, shame and the legacy of Ireland's twentieth-century attitudes to sex and family.

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    Not the Same Sky

    Evelyn Conlon
    Evelyn Conlon's new novel following Irish women on a journey to Australia after the Great Famine.
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