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    Her Father’s Daughter

    Nessa O’ Mahony
    Nessa O’Mahony’s third poetry collection presents two very contrasting father-daughter relationships in a parallel sequence of poems, one relating to her relationship with her own father, the second exploring the life of her grandfather through her mother’s memories.
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    Gerald Lee
    New fiction from Gerald Lee follows a journey through the psychological spiral of a ten year old boy’s struggle, not merely to survive, but to fulfil his most primal instinct – to reunite with his family.
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    Folklore and Modern Irish Writing

    Anne Markey and Anne O’ Connor (eds)
    Explores the fascination with Irish folklore and storytelling and offers an overview of the complex relationship between oral traditions and literary practices in Ireland.
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    A Struggle for Fame

    Charlotte Riddell
    The caustically witty, semi-autobiographical novel of acclaimed Irish Victorian writer Charlotte Riddell. First published in 1883, this title is the first in Tramp Press's 'Recovered Voices' series.
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    The Zebra Stood in the Night

    Kerry Hardie

    Kerry Hardie’s seventh poetry collection, grounded in the natural world and focusing on landscape, loss, belonging and transformation.

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    Tom French

    Tom French’s third collection of poetry confronts and stares down extreme experience and praises the everyday.

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    The Interview

    Patricia O’Reilly

    In Paris 1972, Eileen Gray, Irish designer and architect now reclusive in her 90s, is interviewed by Bruce Chatwin, a rising star of Fleet Street. The interview was never published. This novel explores the event and imagines what happened between the two.

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    Seamus Heaney’s Regions

    Richard Rankin Russell

    Explores Heaney’s poetry, prose, translations, and drama focusing on the notion of regions—the first, geographic, historical, political, cultural, linguistic; the second, a future where peace might one day flourish; and third, the life beyond this one.

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    Dreams of Shadow and Smoke

    Jim Rockhill & Brian J. Showers (Eds.)
    Ten new tales of the fantastic and macabre written in celebration of the bicentenary of Dublin's “Invisible Prince” – Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873).
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    Poetry by Women in Ireland

    Lucy Collins (ed)

    A unique anthology of poetry written by women in Ireland 1870-1970 challenges the assumption that little poetry of note was written by women during this period, revealing the range of their achievement and the lasting value of their work. Includes more than 180 poems by 15 women.

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    London Irish Fictions

    Tony Murray

    The first book about the literature of the Irish in London investigates the psychological landscapes of belonging and cultural allegiance present in the Irish experience of migration. Examines over 30 novels, short stories and autobiographies set in London since the Second World War.

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    Journey Westward

    Frank Shovlin

    A fusion of history and literary criticism – using close readings that balance techniques of realism and symbolism – this book suggests that Joyce, like Yeats and his fellow Revivalists, was attracted to the west of Ireland as a place of authenticity and freedom.

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    A History of Loneliness

    John Boyne

    Father Odran Yates is a good man. Dedicated to his vocation since entering Clonliffe College seminary at seventeen, he has lived through betrayal, controversy and public condemnation of some of his dearest friends. Through all of this, he has remained firm in his belief.

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    The Holding Centre

    Harry Clifton
    Harry Clifton has just completed three years as Ireland’s Professor of Poetry and this thirty-year retrospective of his work presents the trajectory of a poet who has been greeted with acclaim internationally.
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    Living Locally

    Erica Van Horn
    A selection of entries from a daily journal over five years, from an American living in and writing about rural life in a farming valley of Tipperary.
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    The Lonesome Road

    Gabriel Fitzmaurice

    Seamus Heaney remarked that he took pleasure in the energy of Gabriel Fitzmaurice’s poems. This is a volume of his collected and new poems.

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    Et Ego in Arcadia

    Francis J. Kelly
    Francis J Kelly wrote poetry throughout his adult life. He worked as a teacher of Latin and English at St Michael’s College for over thirty years.
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    Representing the National Landscape in Irish Romanticism

    Julia M. Wright
    A study of the fraught relationship between land and national identity in Ireland based on an examination of key texts from the romantic era.
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    Here Are the Young Men

    Rob Doyle
    Set against the backdrop of Celtic Tiger Ireland, this debut novel follows Matthew, Rez, Cocker and Kearney as they face the void of their post-school lives, portraying a harbinger of the collapse of the national illusion.
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    Brendan Cleary
    From a series commemorating a brother to love poems of great simplicity and truth, Brendan Cleary’s work has the uncanny ability to make the mundane astonish and the otherworldly intimate.
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