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    Why can't a woman be More Like a Man

    Lewis Wolpert
    So what's the big difference anyway?
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    Growing Pains

    Anne Mac Lellan, Alice Mauger (eds)
    An examination of the many diseases and ailments that have affected children across the centuries- the experiences of children and the efforts made to help them.
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    Turned Out Nice Again

    Richard Mabey
    Mabey stands out as someone who not only sees beauty in nature but understands it.
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    The Silence of Animals

    John Gray
    In this new book John Gray continues the thinking that was so impressive in Straw Dogs.
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    Towards the Noosphere

    John M Dillon, Stephen RL Clarke
    The two essays in this collection from the Prometheus Trust in association with the Centre for Platonic studies address the question " What is to be done?" 
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    On Love

    Luc Ferry
    All the great ideas that gave meaning to earlier western societies are now in disarray. People are no longer roused by God, the nation, democracy, revolution or freedom. Has love survived?
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    Farther Away

    Jonathan Franzen
    A new collection of Jonathan Franzen's non fiction
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