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    Islam: A New Historical Introduction

    Carole Hillenbrand
    Offers an understanding of the history of Muslims and their faith, from the life of Muhammad to the religion practised by 1.6 billion people around the world today. Each of the eleven chapters explains a core aspect of the faith in historical perspective.
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    This Changes Everything

    Naomi Klein

    Global warming isn’t about carbon - it's about capitalism. So says Naomi Klein in this book on how the climate crisis needs to spur transformational political change.

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    Elizabeth I and Ireland

    Brendan Kane and Valerie McGowan-Doyle

    Studies both Elizabeth I's relationship to the conquest of Ireland and Irish views of Elizabeth I, demonstrating that Elizabeth was a much more active and activist figure than an older scholarship allowed and that Ireland itself had occupied a greater place in Tudor political calculations than previously thought.

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    Defining Neighbors

    Jonathan Marc Gribetz

    As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict persists, aspiring peacemakers continue to search for the precise territorial dividing line that will satisfy both Israeli and Palestinian nationalist demands – this book challenges the prevailing views and recasts our understanding of the modern Jewish-Arab encounter and of the Middle East conflict today.

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    Civilians and War in Europe 1618–1815

    Erica Charters, Eve Rosenhaft and Hannah Smith (eds)

    Examines the relationship between civilians and warfare from the start of the Thirty Years War to the end of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. The contributors examine prisoners of war, the cultures of plunder, the tensions of billeting, and war-time atrocities throughout England, France, Spain, and the German territories.

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    The Last Armada

    Des Ekin
    Brings to life the epic conflicts between Spain’s Philip III and Elizabeth I of England, culminating in the Spanish invasion of Ireland, the fateful Battle of Kinsale and the downfall of the Gaelic insurgent chieftains O’Neill and O’Donnell.
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    The Copyright Wars

    Peter Baldwin
    The first major trans-Atlantic history of copyright from its origins to today – examining the differences between the American, British and European approaches to copyright and revealing that its battles stretch back as far as three centuries.
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    A History of the Book in 100 Books

    Roderick Cave and Sara Ayad
    Charts the history of the book from inscriptions on tombs to the first writings on papyrus, all the way up to the e-book reader and beyond. Highly illustrated with photography and featuring books from around the world.
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    Pericles of Athens

    Vincent Azoulay (Janet Lloyd, trans)

    A reassessment of the life and legacy of Pericles of Athens and his turbulent era, shedding light on his powerful family, his patronage of the arts, and his influence on Athenian politics and culture during the golden age of the ancient Greek world.

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    Northern Ireland and the European Union

    Mary C. Murphy

    Engages the study of Northern Ireland politics directly with broader debates about European integration and European governance. Covers Northern Ireland’s relationship with the EU during the contemporary era of devolved power.

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    Medieval People

    Michael Prestwich

    A highly illustrated overview of the life stories of some seventy individuals across Europe and the Middle East from the ninth to fifteenth centuries.

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    The Winter of Discontent

    Tara Martin López

    Provides a re-examination of the winter of 1978–79 when more than 2,000 strikes took place across Britain. Highlights key strikes and places workers’ experiences within a broader context of trade union, Labour Party, and Conservative Party changes in the 1970s.

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    How The World Was Won

    Peter Conrad

    Tracking America’s rise since 1945 to become “master of the earth”, and measuring what has been gained and lost by Americanization, this book looks at isolationism, 9/11 and resistance to American domination.

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    Endgame for ETA

    Teresa Whitfield

    Drawing on extensive field research, the book argues that a form of ‘virtual peacemaking’ was an essential complement to robust police action and social condemnation in bringing a definitive end to ETA’s armed activities in October 2011.

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    Stalin’s American Spy

    Tony Sharp
    A biography telling the story of Noel Field, a Soviet agent in the US State Department in the mid-1930s. The book takes a fresh look at Soviet espionage in the United States and Field’s relationships with several key figures.
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    Saving the Market from Capitalism

    Massimo Amato and Luca Fantacci
    Analyses the role and organization of the world’s financial system in the aftermath of the economic crisis, arguing that the financial markets, as currently organized, hinder genuine market transactions and any chance of sustained recovery.
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    Revolutionary Ideas

    Jonathan Israel
    In recent decades scholars have argued that the French Revolution was brought about by social forces, politics or economics, but in this account Jonathan Israel argues for the French Revolution as a culmination of the emancipatory and democratic ideals of the Enlightenment.
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    Postcolonial Reason and Its Critique

    Purushottama Bilimoria and Dina Al-Kassim (eds)
    Essays analysing the range and impact of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s contribution to postcolonial studies, cultural studies, ethnography and anthropology, as well as Spivak’s responses to the issues and questions raised by the contributors.
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    New Cultural Histories of India

    Partha Chatterjee, Tapati Guha-Thakurta and Bodhisattva Kar (eds)
    An exploration of the continuous morphing of the cultural into the world of the social and political, bringing a fresh perspective on the cultural materialities of colonial and contemporary India.
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    Israel Since the Six-Day War

    Leslie Stein
    This timely book chronicles Israel’s military engagements since the Six-Day War, including examination of the nature of the Palestinian Authority, Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as radical Jewish movements.
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