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    Angela Merkel

    Stefan Kornelius
    The authorised biography of one of the world's most important political figures, written by the foreign editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.
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    The Tragedy of Liberation

    Frank Dikötter
    In 1949 Mao Zedong hoisted the red flag over Beijing's Forbidden City, and the communist 'liberators' began replacing the old order with a repressive system that would dominate every aspect of Chinese life. In an epic of revolution and violence which draws on newly opened party archives, interviews and memoirs, Dikötter interweaves the stories of millions of ordinary people with the brutal politics of Mao's court.
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    The New Middle East

    Paul Danahar
    In this timely and important book, BBC Bureau Chief Paul Danahar offers a fascinating and illuminating analysis of the new order in the Middle East following the Arab Spring, and explains what it will mean both for the region itself and for the West.
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    The Crisis of the European Union

    Jürgen Habermas, Ciaran Cronin (trans)
    This extended essay on the constitution for Europe represents Habermas's constructive engagement with the European project at a time when the crisis of the eurozone is threatening to derail the historical project of European unification. His central argument is that the European project must realise its democratic potential by evolving from an international into a cosmopolitan community.
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    Enlightenment Shadows

    Genevieve Lloyd
    Lloyd focuses especially on what is distinctive in ideas of intellectual character offered by key Enlightenment thinkers - on their attitudes to belief and scepticism; on their optimism about the future; and on the uncertainties and instabilities which nonetheless often lurk beneath their use of imagery of light.
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    The Downfall of Money

    Frederick Taylor
    The story of the Weimar Republic's financial crisis has a clear resonance in the second decade of the twenty-first century, when the world is anxious once more about what money is, what it means and how we can judge if its value is true.
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    Hot Dogs and Cocktails

    Peter Conradi
    Between the 9th and the 11th of June 1939, King George and his spouse Elizabeth were guests of the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in New York. Far from being a mere footnote in history, this meeting is imbued with deep political significance, coming at a time when war in Europe was imminent.
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    Zareer Masani
    Masani claims Macaulay as a pioneer of  globalisation based on the English language and western values. He depicts the great Whig as a strong advocate of liberal intervention across the globe and as the ideological precursor of today's advocates of intrusive military action.
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    Building: Letters of Isaiah Berlin

    Hardy, Pottle (eds)
    Letters of the great historian of ideas Isaiah Berlin.This is the third of four volumes of his letters covering the period 1960- 1975.
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    Weimar Germany

    Eric D Weitz

    Weitz explains how Germany rose  from the defeat of World War 1 and the turbulence of revolution to forge democratic institutions and make Berlin a world capital of avant garde art.

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    War of Words

    Devlin, Muller (eds)
    A study of culture and the mass media in the making of the cold war in Europe as the contending powers felt it necessary to explain and justify to Europeans the division of the continent into two hostile blocs and to mobilise them behind reinvented European  identities.
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    Bourgeois Liberty and the Politics of Fear

    Marc Mulholland
    The Bourgeoisie, wrote Heinrich Heine in 1842, was "obsessed by a nightmare apprehension of disaster",an "instinctive dread of communism" sapped bourgeois committment to liberal freedoms. Theirs was a "politics motivated by fear".Over the next 150 years the middle classes were condemned by the left as betrayers of liberty.This book uncovers this remarkable story including the new crusading demand for universal bourgeois liberties which has grown with the collapse of  communism.
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    Prague, Capital of the Twentieth Century, a Surrealist History

    Derek Sayer
    This is a brilliantly written and fascinating book that combines elements of the literary guide, biography, history and essay. Authoritative and subversive, Sayer's narrative is intellectually dense and brilliantly accessible.
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    The Philosopher, the Priest and the Painter, A Portrait of Decartes

    Steven Nadler
    This lucid and readable book serves both as a biography and an account of Decartes' philosophy which, more than any other, would become the foundation of modernity.
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    Ataturk, an Intellectual Biography

    M Sukru Hanioglu
    When Mustafa Kemal Ataturk became first president of Turkey in 1923, he set about transforming his country into a secular republic where nationalism, sancitified by science and the personality cult built around the president, would reign supreme as the new religion.
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    Lincoln's Tragic Pragmatism

    John Burt
    John Burt contends that during the 1858 Presedential campaign the very legitimacy of democratic governance was on the line. As they campaigned against each other, both Lincoln and Douglas struggled with how to behave when an ethical conflict as profound as the one over slavery strained the committment upon which democracy depends.
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    Brigham Young

    John G Turner
    Inextricably bound together by bonds of faith and fate, Brigham Young and Mormonism rose as one in nineteenth century America. It is Young and that era in American history that are examined in this book. Turner's biography reveals Brigham, the husband to many wives, as more violent and coarse than many Mormons have known. 
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    Margaret Thatcher

    Charles Moore
    The early life and rise to power of the woman who transformed Britain.
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    From Enemy to Brother

    John Connelly
    The revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews 1933- 1965
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    Soldier of Christ

    Robert A Ventresca
    To some he is a venerable saint and to others he is a damnable silent witness to unimaginable horrors in the heart of Europe
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