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    Through the Night

    Stig Saeterbakken
    A novel from the Dalkey Archive Norwegian Literature Series. The tragedy at the centre of the novel poses painful but essential questions: What does sorrow do to a person? How can one live with the pain of unbearable loss?
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    The Prodigal

    Michael Hurley
    A novel described by the Kirkus Review as stirring romantic and evocative of the sea's magic.
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    May we be Forgiven

    AM Homes
    Jeanette Winterson regards AM Homes's new work as the greatest American novel of our time. Be that as it may, she is very good and very very funny.
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    Niccolo Machiavelli

    Corrado Vivanti
    This book presents an informative account of all of Machiavelli's writings and handles them with suppleness and authority, revealing deep connections between his thought and the vicissitudes of his career during a colourful and turbulent period.
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    Italo Calvino, Letters 1941-1985

    Italo Calvino
    Calvino liked to present an inscrutable face to the world, but this collection of letters shows him  to have been gregarious, puckish, funny, combative and, above all, wonderful company.
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    A Short Life of Kierkegaard

    Walter Lowrie
    A small insignificant looking intellectual with absurdly long legs, Kierkegaard was a veritable Hans Christian Anderson caricature of a man. A strange combination of witty cosmopolite and melancholy introvert, he spent years writing under a series of fantastical pseudonyms for a seldom appreciative world.He had a tragic love affair with a young girl and was dominated by an unforgettable Old Testament father.
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    The Traveler, the Tower, and the Worm

    Alberto Manguel
    As far as one can tell, human beings are the only species for which the world seems made up of stories, Alberto Manguel writes. George Steiner says that the area which Manguel has mapped for himself is that of the eros of reading.
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    A Place in the Country

    WG Sebald
    A Place in the Country is a window into the mind of WG Sebald, a much missed writer
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    Here and Now

    Paul Auster, JM Coetzee
    Letters 2008 - 2011, Paul Auster, JM Coetzee
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    Dreaming my Animal Selves

    Helene Cardona
    New poems from Helene Cardona. Liminal, mystical and other-worldly... David Mason
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    Ghana Must Go

    Taiye Selasi
    A novel from Taiye Selasi which tells the story of  the simple devastating ways in which families tear themselves apart
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    The Blind Man's Garden

    Nadeem Aslam
    A new novel from the author of Maps for Lost Lovers set in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the months following 9/11
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    DH Lawrence: The Poems

    Christopher Pollnitz (ed)
    New  two volume Cambridge edition of Lawrence's poems with full scholarly apparatus.
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    How to get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia: Mohsin Hamid

    Mohsin Hamid
    A new novel from the author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist.
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    The Infatuations

    Javier Marias
    With The Infatuations, Javier Marias brilliantly reimagines the murder novel.
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    Granta 122

    Latest edition of Granta, the magazine of new writing
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    The Horseman's Word

    Roger Garfitt
    Garfitt has produced a memoir that deserves to put him on the wider literary map.
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    The Childhood of Jesus

    JM Coetzee
    A new work from one of the greatest novellists alive.
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    Life Saving

    Josephine Hart
    Introductions to great poets
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    Chaucer's Poetry

    Cliodhna Carney, Frances McCormack (eds)
    This book reminds us of the reasons to read and re-read Chaucer
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