"The drb sustains a level of commentary on Irish and international matters that no other journal in Ireland and few elsewhere can reach. It deserves all the support that can be given it." X
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    Empire's Wake

    Mark Quigley
    A cogent, compelling and significant intervention into the field of modern Irish literary studies.
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    Reasons for Naturalising the Jews in Great Britain and Ireland

    JN Duggan (ed)
    A new edition of Irish philosopher John Toland's classic text calling for toleration and an end to vulgar prejudice.
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    The Story of Irish Museums 1790-2000

    Marie Bourke
    First book to provide a comprehensive account of the stories, histories and evolution of Irish museums and galleries over the past three centuries.
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    Wexford Castles

    Billy Colfer
    Illustrated book from a leading Wexford historian which breaks new ground in exploring the long-run cultural shadow cast by the Anglo-Normans.
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    For God and Ireland

    MP McCabe
    Offers a full assessment of the relationship between Fianna Fail and the Catholic Church, as competing centres of power in independent Ireland.
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    Ireland, Africa and the End of Empire

    Kevin O'Sullivan
    Examines Ireland's role in the decolonisation of Africa.
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    The Origins of the Irish

    JP Mallory
    The first major attempt in nearly a century to grapple with the core issues of how the Irish people came into being
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    The Great War and Memory in Irish Culture

    Jason R Myers
    This book seeks to remind the Irish of  a repressed memory of their past - the role of World War I in Irish nationalism.
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    Medieval Dublin XII

    Sean Duffy (ed)
    This book represents the proceedings of a symposium organised by the Friends of Medieval Dublin and more besides.
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    The World Upturning

    Clara Cullen (ed)
    Elsie Henry's diaries and letters touch on such subjects as the Ulster Crisis, the Howth Gunrunning, the Great War and the 1916 Rising.
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    Suddenly While Abroad

    David Blake Knox
    Tells the story of 32 merchant seamen from Ireland who were held in conditions of great hardship in an SS slave labour camp from 1943-45.
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    Heinrich Boll and Ireland

    Gisela Holfter
    Carefully charts Boll's personal  and literary connections with Ireland from his early reading of Irish fairytales to his and his wife's translations of numerous books by Irish authors.
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    The Irish Lord Lieutenancy

    P Gray, O Purdue (eds)
    In this volume a  number of leading historians explore the multiple dimensions of the Irish lord  lieutenancy as an institution - political social and cultural.
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    The Good Room

    David McWilliams
    Explains the bizarre economics and the peculiar psychology behind Ireland's predicament.
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    Dark Times, Decent Men

    Neil Richardson
    Over 130,000 Irish men and women served during the Second World War despite Ireland's neutrality. Seven thousand five hundred never returned.
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    A Twisted Root

    Patricia Craig
    Remarkable stories of ancestors weaving the threads of their individual lives into the sweeping panorama of Irish history.
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    The Famine Plot

    Tim Pat Coogan
    Makes a spectacular argument for the future by dealing with the deepest wound from Ireland's past, the Famine.
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    His Grace is Displeased

    Clara Cullen, Margaret O hOgartaigh (eds)
    An instructive selection from the correspondence of the legendary prelate John Charles McQuaid.
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    Glenveagh Mystery

    Lucy Costigan
    Arthur Kingsley Porter, renowned American Harvard professor and owner of Glenveagh Castle, vanished without trace from Inishbofin island, Co Donegal, in 1933. No trace of the professor was ever found.
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    Moore Street

    Barry Kennerk
    A history of the famous market street from the 18th century to contemporary times.
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