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    Getting to Grey

    Liam Hennessy
    Bipolar disorder has been explained as an attempt to create a world in which everything is either black or white. The illness can only be treated, it is suggested, when the important third element is introduced.

    Astonished at Everything

    Peter Sirr
    Generosity and largeness of vision seem to meet happily in the poems of Uruguayan-French writer Jules Supervielle, which seem to cover great distances in short spaces.

    All or Nothing

    Joschka Fischer
    Those Germans who argue so vehemently against a so-called transfer union should realise that the EU has always been such a union. France got the CAP for its large rural economy and Germany the common market for its strong industry. Little has changed since.

    Birds, beasts and flowers

    Gerald Dawe
    DH Lawrence’s poetry offers a record of the powerful current of physical pleasure, the elusive joy of witnessing that which is different, and the kind of opinionated prickliness when things are not what they seem to be or should be.

    The Stilled World

    Nicola Gordon Bowe
    Unsentimental, sparing and unspecific, the painter Patrick Pye has sought figurative images to represent symbolically “the archetypes of our humanity” depicted in an alternative universe where expiation has been achieved.

    The Curator of Chiaroscuro

    Sean Sheehan
    Sebastião Salgado’s latest book of photographs represents nature more as a New Age dream of harmony rather than the random mayhem and violent contingency it actually is.

    Brave Answers

    John McAuliffe
    A new collection casts further light on the clergyman-poet RS Thomas and his two great subjects, God and Wales.

    1916 As Spectacle

    Angus Mitchell
    In an age when martyrdom is demonised and tagged with notions of fanaticism and people are reluctant to protest for a cause let alone die for one, 1916 presents an easy target.

    Street Smart

    Fintan Vallely
    Lyrics have been defined as short poems written to the accompaniment of a musical instrument, but should Paul Muldoon’s lyrics be judged primarily as poems or as songs?

    Trompe l’Oeil

    Keith Payne
    All is very far from what it seems in a literary mystery novel by poet Ciaran Carson set in Belfast and Paris.